Thursday, 22 November 2007


At designers Miranda Bontan and Ikscrap-Ingeborg made a collab Sinterklaas-kit.

Lots of you probably never heard about Sinterklaas so let me tell you about this dutch tradition.....half of November 'Sinterklaas' and his little helpers arrive by boat from Spain. Kids welcome them in all dutch harbours and Sinterklaas makes a tour through town on his white horse Amerigo. From that moment kids may put - after singing sinterklaas-songs - their shoes in front of the chimney and at night, when the kids are all asleep...the little helpers come through the chimney (that's why they are black) and put sweets and little presents in the shoes.

On the 5th of December - the day before Sinterklaas' birthday - kids get 'big- and lots of present. Some kids are visited by Sinterklaas and other kids just hear lots of banging on the door and find all presents in front of the door...

On December 6th, Sinterklaas finally goes back home..back to Spain!

The kit Miranda and Ingeborg is specially made for this tradition..but...the papers are truly beautiful and can also be used for other occasions...I hope an Add-on will follow so it will remain a complete kit..


doloro said...

What a lovely tradition and a beautiful kit - great Layouts Miranda! Donna

Heather said...

I think it's a beautiful tradition! Gorgeous layouts too! That last one, I love the products you used! Beautiful!

Julia said...

Je hebt er weer wat mooi van gemaakt Miranda ! Fijn weekend meid , is je trucker al weer thuis ?

Jalos said...

Jee Miranda, jij bent ook druk geweest de afgelopen week!
Mooie scraps allemaal!
De Sinterklaas kit is inderdaad erg mooi en wat je zegt ook goed gebruikbaar voor andere gelegenheden.

Spontanity said...

Ook al helemaal op de Engelse toer.
Maar leuke lo's allemaal weer.
Enne, wat betekent SAHM??
Ik denk dat de eerste twee letters voor scrapping addicted staan?!:)

Julia said...

Staying At Home Mom is het Aukje:)