Saturday, 29 August 2009

Birthday Sale

August 30th, I am celebrating my birthday and I will have a huge birthday sale this weekend....all my products are 41% off!! Besides that you can win one of my kits here in this 'Happy Place Thread'.

I would love to give you a little present here....a quickpage made by my wonderful CT-girs, Dani3, with my kit 'Catch a Wave'


Choukette released her wonderful new kit 'You make me feel' at Digital-Crea..I made this page with it, also using her 'Presets vol. 5'

Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Some pages...

Last days I have made some new pages..I think I can't stop at the moment. Last weeks I thought I lost my mojo but by doing all these challenges I found it back :)

For my birthday invitation I made this layout with Jofia's kit 'Summer Pleasure', available at SPD and the WA is from Natali Designs 'Playing with WA(9)Birthday' at SBG. Because of my birthday I will have a 'Birthday Sale'..August 28th - 31st my whole store will be 41% off (don't ask me how I got to the 41

This layout is made for the Cucumber Coconotion challenge at SPD. I used 'Little Pirates', 'Embellished Stitches' and 'Swayed by a Dream' all from MK Designs.

Last week I was RAK'ed by SussieM Designs with her new çlipping masks and kit 'Happy Island', available at SBG. I love how this page turned out..

This layout is made for the template challenge at SPD. I used 'Painted Dreams and Imaginitive Things' by Holly Designs.

I am a little late to post but 'Pretty Princess', the August collab of the Scrap-Dream Designers is in looks great!!

That is it for now, thanks for looking!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Fun pages

This week I planned to scrap just for fun..well..scrapping is always fun but I designing, no CT work but just scrap those kits that I once bought but never had time to use. For inspiration I played several challenges at After Five Designs and Shabby Pickle Designs and that was great (and I earned some Gift Certificates with it which is great too). I will show you my pages of this week and will end with a few birthday-pages I did (for

There is a little story behind this kit. When it was released, last week, my friend Anja and me...we woke up at 5.00/5.30 to keep our eyes opened on Lily's blog. At release date she gives a few coupon codes for the first 5 girls to get the kit for free..and this time..we wanted to have luck took hours for the kit came up in the shoppe and by that time, other girls used the coupons for other kits of Lily (what of course was not meant to be done) waiting for about 7 bought it..but...hey..I was the first to buy ;) and later this page made it to GSO (Gallery Stand Out)
Kit: Summertime Cafe, Alpha: I love cookies..both by Lily Designs at A5D.

I made this page for a recipe challenge at A5D.
Kit: Boys Retreat, Alpha: Sewn Oldies, Heartframe: Bisou Bisou kit all by Catherine Designs, Alpha 'R': By the Sea collab between Lily Designs and Catherine Designs, Stitches: Scruffy Stitches by Amy Hutchinson

This layout is done for the Gherkin Hues challenge at SPD...make a monochrome color layout.
Kit: Joshi + The Kitchen both by MK Designs

This page is made for a scraplift challenge at SPD where I lifted Hanzana's page 'Ája'.
Kit"Teaparty in the Sky by Kasia Designs

This layout is made for the template challenge at A5D.
Kit: Earth Kit by Kristen Rice/K-studio, some presets vol. 5 by Choukette

This layout is made for the Pickle Phont (font) challenge at SPD.
Kit: Sail me to the Moon by Kasia Designs, font: Hawaii lover

This layout is made for the August Mixer Challenge at A5D, scrap a picture of your problem here...
Kit: Amarantine by Kristen Rice/K-studio

This layout is done for the 'on the house'- freebie-challenge at A5D.
Kit: Freebie Cute-a-tude by Cinnamon Designs, some presets by Choukette.

No challenge for this layout..just only of my in Italy, June 2009.
Kit: Sweet Escape, the DAM-kit by Holly Designs, Mask: J-café

For this page I used 'Birthday Wishes' by Jofia Defoe at SPD

This is the invitation for my son's birthday party, July 19th.
Kit: Little Pirate by MK Designs at SPD.

That is it for today :) Hope you liked it!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


My new kit 'Aurelia' is named after my lovely friend Aurelia, she is also Head of my Creative Team. She and her friend Johannes visited me a few weeks ago..they came all over from Hamburg to Middelburg and we had a few great days together. The kit is availabel at Scrap-Dreams.

Catch a Wave

I have a wonderful beach-sea kit in store at It is called 'Catch a Wave' and it is based on where I am born and raised...Vlissingen, Netherlands. I also made a Quickpage album with it..

Aurelia created a wonderful bragbook and a set of clusterframes..

Hope you like it!

Update CT pages

I am sooo running behind with posting all my pages...oke..again ...I am always late. I am always so busy but I decided to leave ESS as designer and I left some CT's...I felt sorry for that but I did not have time to do all...
Here is an updat of all CT pages I did...

Kit: Veiled Moonlight by Phuong Ton at

Kit: Misty by Dawn Inskip at GottaPixel

Kit: Little Princess by Shabby Miss Jenn Designs, picture from google

Kit: The World of my little Girls by Katrin Designs at, picture: google

Kit: Come into my World by Choukette at The French Frog

Kit: So Cute, Template nr. 3 both by Choukette at

Kit: I'm Yours by Choukette, Template nr. 2 by Choukette at

Kit: Iskra by Dilo Designs at

Kit: Orphea by Dilo Designs at