Thursday, 14 January 2010

Take me to...

My sweet friend Aurelia is sick from Sunday, she has even been in the hospital. She really has to take her rest but to tell you the truth..I really miss her. We always have so much fun through MSN..we even have our girly pyama party's so now and Sweetie..I hope you feel better soon! I scrapped this page with 'Feeling Ick (&Boo-Boos too)' by K-Studio!

This page is made with K-studio's kit 'Sweet Pete'. I used 2 year old pictures of my son and wow..has he changed..where have his cheeks gone...he has such a small face now...sweet..but small...well..I guess he will change more than once in his life ;)

I think I never scrapped so many pages with one kit ever before. 'Take me to the old world' by Lily Designs, Lotta Designs and Sussie M. Designs is really my all time is just perfect. I already had 4 pages but to change the christmas layouts in my toilet into 'take me to the old world' I needed 2 more pages..and I made them. Now I can print and frame the...will look great. Guests will be in the toiletroom longer than they should ;) There is soo much to see at these layouts.

Please come back for a new release of Irene Alexeeva....thanks for visiting me!

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