Saturday, 5 December 2009

9 days of Christmas

Today only one page for you...I made it yesterday evening and used the new kit of Lily Designs '9 days of Christmas'. It's such a wonderful kit..well..I am such a huuuuge fan of JJ..I love all her stuff..both digi and hybrid. I used a picture of my boy when he was only 4 weeks old, December 5th 2002! Soo..that is exactly 7 years ago...In the Netherlands we celebrate 'Sinterklaas' on that day...and so will we do today. Last night I wrapped up all the presents for my boys and when my parents arrive here any minute, we will start....such a great celebration for the kids!!

Have a wonderful evening and please leave me some love, I would love to know who is visiting my blog :)

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Wendy said...

Miranda!!!!! your pages are amazing"!!!! as always you did a great job, t his kits are adorable!!!!! andyour boys each day more handsome!!!!!!
Baci bella