Saturday, 26 December 2009


It is December 26th already and in the Netherlands that is an official holiday...we celebrate 2nd Christmas Day. Yesterday my parents were here..we all got some lovely presents, had a great dinner * timing was perfect..all food was ready in time* and we had a lot of fun with the new balance board for the we lost some weight during the evening, which was great after a huge meal.
This page has been made with one of Kasia's $1 kits.. 'Pieces of Christmas'. Tomorrow is the last day of her $1 Christmas Sale so take your chance! For the shadows I used K-Studio's 'shadows perfected layer styles'. I wanted to buy them for longer time and I am really happy to have them now..they are great!
Well..I am leaving now..we are going to the Christmas Circus in wish you a great day!


Aurelia said...

Hey Sweety,
cant wait to see all your Photos from christmas :D
And i love the new Layout :D

Hugz Anja

dawn said...

Hi Miranda hun - glad you had a fab Christmas and I want to wish you a wonderful New Year :) xx

Anonymous said...

your Layout is gooorgeous!

Mireille said...

waanzinnig! Je maakt prachtige dingen!